When we started Vuori we put a lot of thought into the core values we hoped would shape the company
we were setting out to build: Make amazing products, be in great relationships and live extraordinary
lives. While pretty simple on the surface, their roots run deep, each requiring a lot of energy and
intention to live up to. There’s no question that the months, possibly years, to come will challenge us in
ways we couldn’t have imagined only a few months ago. But we know that if we focus our attention on
the things we can control, like putting innovation and amazing quality ahead of margins, challenging
each other to be creative and think differently, and always taking the long-term approach with our
partners, customers and the natural environment, we know we will emerge on the other side stronger
than ever. As our company motto “The Rise The Shine” suggests, no path worth taking is free of
obstacles, but breaking through and reminding ourselves of what the human spirit is capable of feels
pretty good. Thank you for your trust and ongoing support as we navigate these uncharted waters

For any questions please reach out to your Vuori sales representative or directly to Luis Alvarez

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