RIA Connect Feature Set

We’re working hard to bring the power of RIA to your mobile device through RIA Connect. The following outlines what features are currently available, what’s in development, and what is coming down the pipe. Have thoughts and suggestions, or need some support? Email us at support@runningindustry.org

Current Features

  1. Authentication for retailer members only
  2. View and edit individual profile
  3. View related memberships and payments
  4. View related activities and mailing groups
  5. View and register for events
  6. View listing of current members
  7. View event registrations

Features In Development

  1. Renew membership
  2. View member contact details if permissioned
  3. View and edit related contact details
  4. View RIA blog posts (get push notifications of updates)
  5. Access for brand and associate members

Features Planned

  1. Enable restricted access for non-members
  2. Enable new member sign ups
  3. Enable access to public events
  4. Enable communications management for all contacts