Register for KICK On-Demand

RIA Connect is our new mobile app for members and is the BEST WAY to access KICK On-Demand. See below for three easy steps to download and register for sessions.

STEP 1: Get an RIA Website Login

To register for KICK On-Demand sessions, you must have a login to the RIA website. You could be a current member of RIA but not have a login (a username and password) to the website.

NOTE: Registration for KICK On-Demand sessions is FREE for current RIA members. If you are not a member, join the Running Industry Association at any time. If you are experiencing cash flow issues, you have the option to defer dues to 2021.

STEP 2: Download RIA Connect

RIA Connnect is a new app that we’re rolling out to keep RIA members better connected. Click here to view its current and planned feature set.

To get started, download RIA Connect from Google Play or from the Apple Store. Once installed, you will be presented with a login screen.

Enter the same username and password that you use to log into the RIA website. It’s that simple.

Install from Google Play
Install from Apple Store

Don’t want to use RIA Connect? Follow these instructions to register for sessions via the RIA website.

STEP 3: Register for Sessions with RIA Connect

Using RIA Connect for session registration is simple and intuitive, and is best demonstrated via a few images. Please note that when you first login to RIA Connect, your calendar and session registration tabs will likely be empty. That’s because you’ve not yet registered for any sessions! That’s ok… that’s why we’re here!

Click images to enlarge them.

Your Calendar
RIA Connect Calendar

The current default screen for you is your calendar. When you first log into RIA Connect, it will probably be empty because you’ve not yet registered for any sessions. Once you do, all KICK On-Demand sessions that you register for will appear here. Each session is expandable and will contain session details.

My Events
RIA Connect My Events

Selecting the events icon on the app navigation will present you with past events that you’ve attended as well as current events for which you are registered. Again, note that this tab may be empty for you as you’ve not yet registered for any sessions.

All Events
RIA Connect All Events

Selecting “All Events” on the top tab will reveal all current active events and all KICK On-Demand sessions. Click on any session to view details and register.

RIA Connect Register for Events

Event pages will show you all of the event’s details, registered participants, etc. To register, click the big red button. To register for anther session, go back to the event listing and select the appropriate session.

Once you register for an event, you’ll receive an email confirmation with an iCAL link. Likewise, the event will appear on the event screen of RIA Connect. You will receive periodic push notifications from RIA Connect when activities are added to your profile. (Information on managing these is coming soon, stay tuned).

If you have any issue with this process, please email and we will provide you with technical support. We are here to make this a seamless process for you. Please reach out with any questions.
All session times are US Eastern Time.

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