Register for KICK On-Demand

Registering online via the RIA website

We strongly encourage you to register for KICK On-Demand sessions via RIA Connect. However, as a member you are able to also register on the RIA website.

STEP 1: RIA Website Login

To register for KICK On-Demand sessions, you must have a login to the RIA website. You could be a current member of RIA but not have a login (a username and password) to the website.

NOTE: Registration for KICK On-Demand sessions is FREE for current RIA members. If you are not a member, join the Running Industry Association at any time. If you are experiencing cash flow issues, you have the option to defer dues to 2021.


Once you’re logged in, you’ll see “KICK ON-DEMAND” on the main navigation bar. Hover over it, and click on “KICK ON-DEMAND SESSIONS”. Click there and you’ll be presented with a list of KICK On-Demand sessions. Click through and register for the ones you want to attend.

KICK Session Selection Online

Like RIA Connect, you’ll receive a confirmation email along with a reminder prior to the event. If you register via the website and then install RIA Connect, your events will appear in your app automatically.

Remember, if you have any issue with authenticating, please email and we will provide you with technical support.
All session times are US Eastern Time.

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