Where It Begins (TM)

It began through personal stories of healing, successful trials, and a dedication to help others; we discovered the important role cannabinoids (CBD) play in the health and recovery of our friends. Our research found that it is essential our bodies maintain an internal balance and constant healing. We found Broad Spectrum cannabinoids to be a key stabilizing ingredient.


Made with the highest quality ingredients right here in Southern California, our products are developed with you in mind to support a healthy, active, stable, lifestyle. From head-to-toe soothing relief topical creams to moisturizing foot care products we invite you to share your experience taking steps towards relief. We make your selfcare our #1 priority. Our products help you perform your best and assist with prevention and recovery. Customize your selfcare routine with A.LEAF for what we need most today; to boost our immunity and to sustain an overall state of wellbeing.

RECORDED – We make your self-care our #1 Priority

Introduction to A.LEAF premium CBD selfcare and wellness products, made in Southern California, USA. Discover who we are and what we do as we influence, inspire and inform RIA members about the benefits of CBD. Learn how we can create long-term sales boosts to your retail business.

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